Can I get a personal demonstration of mSuit.One?

You can e-mail for an online session or request a private offline demonstration of mSuit.One from in our office in Tel Aviv. We also plan to attend various regional trade shows throughout the year, so please subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

How long will it take to put on the mSuit.One and will I need any technical assistance?

It's just a costume and you can put it on in a couple of minutes - no technical skills required. You only need to follow the instructions for connecting the mSuit.One.

Can I wear mSuit.One under my normal clothes or suit?

Yes! mSuit is based on inertial sensors, and unlike optical motion capture systems, you can wear whatever you want on top.

Can I wash my mSuit.One suit?

Yes! mSuit.One is made for movement, but don't worry if you sweat while creating awesome content. You can remove the sensors and wash the suit as you would with regular sportswear - just follow the washing instructions that came with the suit!


How to choose the right size

To use the guide you need to know your current height and weight. If you find yourself between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller of the two for a snug fit. Link: Size guide .pdf We do not currently offer suits

  • custom tailored
  • for children (up to 155 cm / 5.1 feet)
  • for animals.
Contact us and our consultant will tell you how to choose the best size. In any case, we are always ready to help you with your needs.

How to make an order?

An order can be made without leaving your home or office, saving your precious time. All orders are processed on the web site following these simple steps: 1. Visit the web site 2. Select the product 3. Select the required size and quantity. 4. Click the Add to Cart button and in the pop-up window, click View Cart. 5. On the My Cart page, check your purchase and click Checkout, then fill in all the indicated fields and pay for your purchase.
6. Within minutes, you will be notified by email and electronic invoice to confirm your purchase.

Can I place an order by phone?

Sure. The specialists of our contact center will be happy to help you place an order by phone. To do this, you can fill out a short form, or call our contact number on the web site.

I decided to place an order at night. How to do it?

Orders on the web site are accepted 24/7. Their processing is carried out during working hours. (daily from 9:00 to 18:00)

How can I change or cancel my order?

The order can be changed or canceled by contacting the operator, or by sending a message to our email address:

I could not answer the call from the operator of your online store. What to do?

It's simple. Contact us by phone or write to us and explain the situation.


How can I pay for my order?

We offer fast payment options using Paypal. We also offer the possibility of payment in other forms - specify "Manual payment" after the Checkout before making a purchase and we will contact you to determine the payment method.


What warranty does mSuit.One offer?

We offer 1 year warranty on all mSuit.One electronic components: sensors, hub and cables. The cost of shipping the suit back will be at the customer's expense. It usually ranges from $ 50 to $ 150 depending on the country of origin. Please note that if any electronic components are removed, replaced, or altered without the advice or instructions of our Support, the warranty will be void.


What about shipping and import duties?

We will strive to make the mSuit suit available to creators around the world. Shipping will be calculated based on your location and will be added by courier service upon deposit. Import duties are included in the bond for EU and US supporters. For the rest of the world, the individual sponsor is responsible for paying any applicable duties or taxes. Package weight and dimensions for 1 mSuit.One: 4 kg and 430 x 340 x 130 mm. Detailed information is contained on the Shipping & Returns page

How quickly can I receive my order?

The first batch of costumes will be sent to you by the end of December 2020. To everyone who has confirmed their pre-order, we give a 1 year license for mSuit.Connect for free.

Do you have a pickup?

There is no pickup. You can receive your purchase using courier services.

How do I know that my order has arrived?

You should receive a delivery notification to your email address. Upon dispatch, customers will receive a tracking link from which they will be able to follow the progress of their shipment based on the latest updates made available by the shipping provider.

How long does it take for the parcels to arrive?

In general, domestic shipments are in transit for 2 - 7 days Generally, orders shipped internationally are in transit for 4 - 22 days. This varies greatly depending on the courier you have selected. We are able to offer a more specific estimate when you are choosing your courier at checkout.

I accidentally put the wrong address? How can I change the destination?

For change of delivery address requests, we are able to change the address at any time before the order has been dispatched. Please make sure you change your shipping address or make any other changes to your order by sending a message to our email address:


What should I do if the product does not fit me?

Upon receipt of the order, regardless of the delivery method, you can unpack and inspect the goods. If for some reason the product in the order does not meet your expectations, you can return it by return shipment at your invoice. Carpe Diem Solution will happily accept returns due to change of mind as long as a request to return is received by us within 14 days of receipt of the item and are returned to us in original packaging, unused and in resellable condition with all original tags and labels attached including your proof of purchase.

I will receive a refund if the product does not suit me for any reason?

Sure. Once warranty claim is confirmed, you will receive the choice of:

  • a refund in store credit
  • a replacement item sent to you (if stock is available)

Equipment and Support

Do you offer face capture?

At the moment we do not offer our own face capturing. But you can combine our body mocap with third-party face capture solutions using our plugins in specialized applications like Unreal Engine and Autodesk MotionBuilder, etc.

Do you offer finger motion capture?

We are in the process of developing our smart glove solution. More information on delivery times and the specs of the product will be available soon!

Technical Questions

mSuit.One package

Suit. Durable Knitwear Nylon ROMA 300G / M with stitched internal compartments for sensors and tunnels for cords. For access, high-quality lightning is used located in the installation sites. 18 Trackers. Reinforced plastic. Dimensions: 15x15x5 mm 1 On-board computer 1 Standard power bank. 11.5 x 6.6 x 1.3 cm 1 Basestation Cable set 1 Professional and ergonomic backpack. Branded, smart and secure, created from high strength nylon. Specialized departments for convenient placement of components, gadgets and laptop.

What is the technical accuracy of the system?

  1. 3D orientation accuracy: ± 0.4 deg
  1. Internal sampling rate: 1000 Hz
  1. Latency: 10 ms
  1. On-body recording: Up to 24 hour (Memory card 32 Gb)
  1. Motion trackers: 18 x 9-dof inertial sensors, 1 magnetic sensor and 1 GPS sensor
  1. New Sensor Fusion: Based on Adaptive Lattice Filter Algorithm, automatic drift correction and calibration.

What are the advantages of a suit with a tracking system?

  1. No occlusion. The combined system sustains precise tracking in conditions of optical interference or low light.
  1. Absolute tracking. Contrary to predictive algorithms of many technology solutions in the industry which address the issue of relative positioning, we created a unique absolute tracking system which is ultra reliable and efficient.
  1. Automatic drift correction. Due to the combined system there is no constant absolute coordinate shift caused by accumulation of integration errors. The tracking error will always be insignificant and in the given pre-defined range.

How about positioning?

We integrate external equipment (base station) to ensure absolute positioning.

Can I track more than one mSuit at a time?

Yes! You can track as many mSuits as you want, unless your computer can`t handle the growing data stream. We have currently tested up to four hundred mSuits and encountered no problems.

Which batteries are compatible with mSuit.One

mSuit.One does not include battery due to shipping restrictions. To use mSuit.One, you need to purchase a standard USB battery. It must provide at least 2A / 2000mA from one output. The battery capacity depends on the required run time. You can expect about 5-6 hours of operation at 5000mA, but this can vary depending on the quality of the battery, so we recommend that our customers use high quality devices from well-known brands. Typically, for every 1000mA of battery, you get about an hour of working time, so we recommend a 5000mA battery.There is a pocket on the back of the suit specifically designed for the power supply, this is designed to house the batteries: Dimensions 11.5 x 6.6 x 1.3 cm


What is mSuit.Connect?

mSuit.Connect is powerful cross-platform software with an exhaustive range of comprehensive features and tools for motion data capture, analysis, animation and collaboration. Available for:

  1. Windows
Forward mocap data to:
  1. Unreal Engine
  1. Unity
  1. Autodesk Maya
  1. Autodesk MotionBuilder
mSuit Connect - powerful features and tools to work with motion capture:
  1. Denoiser powered by Machine Learning
  1. Organize and edit multiple motion assets
  1. Single / Multiple sequence recording
  1. Batch export / import in FBX, BVH or CSV
  1. Share system for remote users
  1. Real-time motion data streaming (VR, 3d software, game engine)
  1. Virtual cameras and auxiliary objects
  1. Tracking and interaction with objects

LiveLink and plugins

Currently we support: Unity Unreal Engine Autodesk Maya Autodesk MotionBuilder Plans for the future: Reallusion iClone Blender



We provide our customers with expert support, doing our best to get you up and running with your purchase as soon as possible. The mSuit.One team provides support from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CEST, Monday through Friday. We provide support in English, Hebrew and Russian. We can provide extended support including weekends, contact us for personalized services

Phone and E-mail Support

For early pre-sale buyers, we provide assistance via phone number and email listed on the Contacts page.

Support using On-line chat

Using online chat, we can not always promptly respond to your request, if you encounter such a problem, use all the opportunities to contact us indicated on the contact page

Additional Services

Additional Services

Occasionally, technical support issues can delay production or require assistance in areas that goes beyond support. For this reason, we offer additional services that are available upon request. You can get more detailed information about these services by contacting us.

Expert Advice Service

You may need assistance in a specific area that goes beyond support. For example, you want an expert to validate your setup by providing suggestions for how you can improve the project or help equip your character in the game engine. You now have the opportunity to order the consulting services of the mSuit.One expert team to share their experience with you. This service is available to all clients at per hour cost. If you'd like to know more, please share your consultation requirements by emailing us at Please, be aware that mSuit.One has the right to decline such requests if we do not have the necessary knowledge to fulfill your request.

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